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About SEIT
Since the School of Economics and International Trade (SEIT) was founded in April 2006, it has offered students three majors and one joint program, namely, International Economics and Trade, Finance and E-commerce, and the Sino-American Joint Program. SEIT owns three A-level research institutes and two level-B research centers. The A-level research institutes are the Research Institute of International Trade and Regional Economics, the Research Institute of Financial Economics, and the Research Institute of E-commerce and Industrial Economics. The level-B research centers are the Ningbo Service Outsourcing Research Center and the Regional Development and Innovation Research Center. In addition, a Lab Center has been established with advanced equipment and computer applications to support experimental work in SEIT courses; it houses the International Trade Experimental Simulation Laboratory, the Financial Investment Simulation Laboratory, and the E-commerce Computer Simulation Laboratory.
Undergraduate Major Programs
The major of International Economics and Trade is designed to meet the growing need for talented professionals in the area of international trade in the Yangtze Delta Economic Region, especially as it relates to the important Chinese port of Ningbo. This major aims to provide students with a comprehensive academic and practical foundation in the principles and techniques of applied international economics and trade.
Students in the four-year program are required to attain a solid grasp of economic and trade theories, international business and management skills, a good understanding of international trade rules and regulations, and high proficiency in English.
The major of Finance is designed to support the robust development of the financial and economic sectors of the Ningbo area and to meet the growing need for talent in the fields of banking, portfolio investment, insurance, and corporate finance. This major aims to cultivate students with a comprehensive theoretical foundation in finance, a global perspective, an awareness of international and intercultural issues, and the ability to think, analyze, act, and adapt.
The major of E-commerce is designed to meet the demand for skilled entrepreneurs in e-commerce enterprises in Ningbo. It aims to cultivate students proficient in the areas of e-commerce system design, e-commerce business solutions, and Internet marketing. Students in the four-year program are required to have good grasp of economic and management theory, as well as practical knowledge of the principles of e-commerce platform construction, operation, and management.
Faculty and Staff
SEIT currently has forty-two faculty and staff members. There are twenty-nine full-time faculty, of which three are full professors, five vice-professors, and twenty-one lecturers. There are six doctoral candidates, fifteen (51.7%) with a PhD degree (two returned from France and Japan), and four (27.5%) with senior professional titles including one PhD candidate tutor and three Master candidate tutors. The full-time SEIT faculty is also supported by ten part-time professors and ten part-time researchers.
The SEIT faculty is actively involved with ongoing academic exchanges and professional improvement. For example, one faculty member was a candidate in the Ningbo Famous Teacher Project, two participated in Zhejiang 151 Talent Project (Level Three), one in Ningbo “4321” Talent Group (Level Two), and three have been to the University of Indianapolis as visiting scholars.
Academics and Research
SEIT has to date sponsored fifty-seven vertical research projects, including four on the provincial level, twenty-eight on the prefecture level, and twenty-five on the municipal and bureau level. Funding for these research projects exceeds a total of 1 million RMB.
To support the economic development of the Ningbo area, SEIT focuses on local academic services. It has also established strong cooperative relationships with the Cixi Economic and Development Bureau, the Yinzhou Development and Planning Bureau, and the Ningbo Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.
SEIT serves as an academic ‘think tank’ for development planning by local government on different levels. During the ‘Eleventh Five-Year Plan’ period, SEIT faculty completed thirty-seven scientific research projects. Total funding for these research projects, which include some of those mentioned above, exceeded 4 million RMB.
SEIT publications include four monographs, five textbooks, 107 papers (eight of which appeared in A-level national magazines, thirty-eight national core magazines, and eight online articles quoted in the SCI, EI and ISTP archives.
Academic awards include the Ningbo Philosophy Prize of Excellence (2nd level), the Social Science Prize of Excellence (31st level), and the Ningbo Youth Social Sciences Prize of Excellence (1st level). Many of these academic achievements were related to the fields of service outsourcing and regional innovation.
SEIT offers well-equipped laboratories to provide technical support for learning and research. Founded in May 2007, the Modern Business and Investment Experimental Center is comprised of three labs: the International Trade Experimental Simulation Laboratory, the Financial Investment Simulation Laboratory, and the E-commerce Computer Simulation Laboratory. With 500 square meters of floor space, the Center is equipped with computer hardware worth more than 4 million RMB, including over two hundred computers and multi-media devices, and computer software for economic and management experiments worth over 1 million RMB.
The Center boasts six state-of-the-art software platforms for teaching business and investment: E-commerce, E-commerce Logistics, Boxing E-commerce, International Trade, Shihua Finance, and Investment.
Lab courses, which exceed 20 course-hours per week, include International Trade Practice, Stock Exchange Analysis, E-commerce Security, and E-commerce Applications. The lab courses are taught by more than twenty highly-qualified faculty members, including five vice-professors; 35% of the faculty have PhD degrees or are doctoral candidates.
Campus Life
With the student-centered motto, “International, Humane, Innovative, and Practical”, SEIT sponsors activities to provide an excellent educational environment and a rich and active campus life. These activities include a Stock Portfolio Simulation Contest, Class Talent Competition, Campus Investigation Contest, Reading Program, International Etiquette Lectures, and two Chinese cultural events, the Jiafeng Culture Festival and the Shangyun Fashion Festival.
Members of the SEIT student body are also very active and participate in nine associations, including the E-commerce Association, the International Trade Association, the Investment Association, and the Finance Association. As a result of the extracurricular learning environment provided by the associations, students have achieved awards for excellence in the National E-commerce Competition and the Ningbo Financial Planning Contest.
International Exchange
In 2004, SEIT initiated a joint program with the University of Indianapolis (UIndy), USA, and founded joint major programs in International Economics and International Trade and Finance. These programs are approved by the China Ministry of Education, and students are registered at both NIT and UIndy.
Students and faculties of the joint programs cooperate closely by means of regular communication and study exchanges. Thus far, ten SEIT faculty members have visited the USA, as well as Canada and several European countries, and more than four hundred SEIT students have traveled abroad to participate in study and exchange programs.


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